The Top 10 Intercultural Communication Blogs

In this article, I am going to list my favorite intercultural communication blogs, those who have been the most helpful to me as somebody trying to adapt to different cultural environments. Learning how to be an effective intercultural communicator is a difficult process and, like any other skill, requires guidance from other people who have already gone through the steps that you are going through.

Unfortunately, the number of intercultural communication blogs who are publishing content on a regular basis (at least monthly) is still relatively limited. A lot of work needs to be done from the community in order to build an active blogging sphere in our field of expertise.

Before going into the list, I am quickly going to mention the characteristics based on which I have chosen the blogs mentioned in this article. They are:

  • frequency of posting
  • the inclusion of concrete strategies on how to improve your skills as an intercultural communicator
  • having some degree of culturally universal tips, rather than being purely culture-specific
  • being practical rather than purely academic

Lastly, please note that the order in which the blogs are listed do not indicate a ranking.

The Culture Mastery

The Culture Mastery is both a blog and a podcast from a cultural training and expatriate services from with the same name. With the blog being active since 2015, it covers various different regions as well as issues such as cross border business, expatriate management, global human resources management, intercultural marriage, as well as applying intercultural skills in the work environment.

The podcast is especially interesting, as the host Christian Hoeferle (@Hoeferle) is interviewing expatriates on different issues related to intercultural communication.

Michael Kimmig

Michael Kimmig is the blog of a German serial expat who has experience with living overseas for about 17 years. In his blog he is focusing on intercultural learning, specifically on how to adjust to different communication and work styles and, in his own words, “understanding the dynamics of intercultural encounters”.

He is also an online learning instructor and publishes regular content in the field of intercultural communication, creativity and professional development for expatriates.

Cultural Detective

Cultural Detective is a series of intercultural communication courses that help people to understand the behavior of local people by using topic-based incidents as case studies. In addition to these courses, they provide a range of other intercultural learning materials on their website as well as publishing free content on their blog.

On their blog, they publish on a write range of topics related to intercultural communication such as self-assessment tools, interviews with expatriates, lists of resources for intercultural communicators, ideas for exercises to increase your communication ability and so on and so forth.

AFS Intercultural Programs

AFS Intercultural Programs is a non-governmental organization that is organizing volunteer exchange programs as well as student exchange programs to and from a large majority of countries in the world. It is also the organization with which I went on my first year-long trip overseas to Indonesia in order to work as a voluntary English teacher at a local NGO.

Because of the fact that this organizations is sending thousands of people overseas every year and has great capabilities in the field of intercultural communication, their website is a great resource to draw from. On it, they publish a large number of articles on the basis of experiences from their employees and their volunteers in dealing with cultural differences.

Commisceo Global Blog

Commisceo Global is an intercultural communication training provider who, according to their own website, places an emphasis on self-critique, skills based cultural understanding and building a mental state of global mindedness.

They also have a very wide-ranging archive of blog posts on topics like cultural awareness, cultural diversity, doing business abroad and global mobility.

Sherwood Fleming

Sherwood Fleming is the author of a book titled “Dance of Opinions: Mastering written and spoken communication for Intercultural Business“. Her main area of expertise is improving skills in English as a second language in intercultural communication settings.

She has a blog on which she publishes regular content on intercultural communication on a wide range of topics such as listening skills, communication styles, conflict in intercultural communication and more.

Beasley Intercultural

Beasley Intercultural is an Australia-based  global workforce development organization. They work with organizations to develop their intercultural strategy and capability development capacities. This includes training programs on cultural effectiveness, inclusive leadership as well as developing global teams.

On their blog, they address a wide range of issues such as building cultural capability, building successful relocation programs on a long-term basis, inclusive leadership and many more.

Access to Culture

Access to Culture is a blog published by Sharon Schweitzer and specializes on local cultural protocols and etiquette for a wide range of cultural environments. Sharon Schweitzer provides courses on cross-cultural protocols and and is accredited by the Hofstede Centre in Helsinki, Finland.

Her blog offers a great mixture of culture-specific guides etiquette and protocol guides, as well as a great variety of tips to different aspects of business- and personal etiquette that are required around the world.

David Livermore

David Livermore is the author of several great books on intercultural communication including “Driven by Difference” and “Leading with Cultural Intelligence”. He is a social scientist leading the Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan, while being a visiting scholar at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

On his blog, he primarily focuses on personal tips on developing cultural intelligence, while also writing about issues like how to apply cultural intelligence in organizations or general questions of global leadership.

Feel Like You Belong

Feel Like You Belong isn’t exactly a blog on intercultural communication, but it is nonetheless a project that is worth checking out for all expatriates.

Being a project co-created by Alan Headbloom, a cross-cultural communication expert, feel like you belong is both a blog- as well as a television show displaying the lives of expatriates, immigrants and refugees to the United States. Elements of intercultural communication are also constantly being discussed by both the hosts as well as the guests sharing their experiences in articles on a variety of issues such as Unconscious Biases or Misperceptions.

Consequently, Feel Like You Belong offers a great introduction to intercultural communication skills on the basis of stories told by real expatriates.

Final words about a not-so-final list

Of course, this list is by no means complete. There are hundreds or thousands of blogs about every issue in the world on the internet. And yet, it is not always easy to find them. Mostly, there is a small number of bloggers on each topic that achieve great popularity, while all the others are never to be found.

That’s why, please kindly let me know when you find a great blog on intercultural communication that is still actively producing new content. I am happy to add any suggestions to this list in order to make this the most comprehensive list of intercultural communication blogs.

Feel free to send any suggestions to


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