4 Simple Steps to Live Anywhere in the World

When I finished high-school, I moved to Indonesia for a one year volunteer program. I haven’t moved back to my home country ever since. When my program ended at that time, I stayed in Indonesia for another two years, and then moved on to Australia. That’s where I am now. And surely its not my last destination. I already have plans for where to go next year!

So, the one question people ask me a lot is this: how are you doing this? How do you move to all these different places?

People always say:  the thing that you can capitalize on the most is the stuff that other people ask you about a lot. But I never saw this as something I was an ‘expert’ on, because the answer to that question is so incredibly simple. In fact, I can anwer it in one sentence: decide where you want to go, what you will do there, which resources you need, and then go.

So here they are again, the four ‘revolutionairy’ steps to live anywhere in the world:

Step one – decide where you want to go.

Step two – decide what you will do there.

Step three – decide which resources you will need to go there.

Step four  – just GO!

Yes, you heard right. That’s really all there is to it. But before you now to the next travel agency and book your flight for tomorrow, let me give you a warning, too.

Take step three seriously!  Of course you will need resources to go whereever you are going. Make sure that you have enough money to survive for the first 6 months of your stay, or that you have a job which gets you through these first months.

Other than that, and this is I think the best advice I can really give you: be very open to others with your plans to go wherever it is you want to go. Announce it to your network, and to those people you meet. You will be surprised how many people can give you valuable tips, or even help you find a job. Of course with that I don’t mean that you should run around screaming “I will go to Jamaica!”. No.  What I mean is that you should share this information whenever you think it is appropriate.

Just a few weeks ago, I told someone at a networking event that I want to move to Iran next year. He said: “oh, I know an Iranian who is very succesful in the Iranian film industry and travels regularly between Iran and Australia”. Perfect! The week after, I met somebody else at a networking event, who said: “oh, my company used to do business in Iran. When you want to open your own business there, you have to consider this, this, and that”. Great information!

So,  what it really comes down to is to have the guts to take these steps and make it happen.



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