10 Duties of Expatriates

1. To point out incoherence in the belief systems, assumptions, and mental models of the people in your host culture and culture of origin

2. To remain true to your own values while accepting and embracing the values of their host society

3. To embrace the positive aspects of your host culture, while avoiding both pure assimilation as well as pure separation from these values

4. To constantly question your own values, assumptions and belief systems and to remain open for alternative views

5. To create an environment in your team in which synergy between the positive aspects of both cultures is created and lived every day

6. To try getting an understanding of the belief system of your host culture as a whole as opposed to merely imitating people’s behaviour

7. To constantly question the assumptions you make about your host culture

8. To embrace seemingly contradictory beliefs of the different cultures you are internalizing and to create coherence between them

9. To respect the cultural practices of your host culture and adapt to them while creating an understanding of their underlying values and beliefs

10. To avoid approaching your host culture with a sense of superiority


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